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What technology do you use to analyze the data?

We use artificial intelligence to analyze the data. So it's not just intelligent algorithms, machine learning is used specifically.a

How do you come up with the score?

Using our artificial intelligence and financial mathematical models, we determine the scores for the securities.

How do you define green, yellow, or red metric values and is it broken down by sectors?

Our key figures are color-coded so that new investors also know how to classify the key figures. The color markings are based on the generally accepted values and are also analyzed on an industry-specific basis. For example, a P/E ratio of 8 to 15 is marked as green as this value is very good, 4 to 7.9 & 15.1 to 19.9 orange and the rest as red, it can also happen that the values vary due to the industry analysis, as for example IT companies tend to have high P/E ratios.

How are the weightings set for the overall risk?

For the total score, the weighting is approximately 60% to 40%, with 60% weighted towards AI. The remaining 40% consists of all key figures.