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Use powerful investment research tools on your computer. All complex analyses of millions of data points are performed in the cloud.

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Our CEO Ramtin Babaei spoke with Matthias Rutkowski on the Handelsblatt podcast "So klingt Wirtschaft" about the stock market, challenges for private investors to get data and also about the topic of ESG and impact investing. It was also about the problem Bavest Technologies solves and where Bavest will be in 5 years.

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March 17, 2022

Their stock tool is designed to make you feel like Wall Street pros

Fintech Bavest wants to build a Bloomberg 2.0 - only cheaper: In the app, they prepare data from stock markets for investors, calculate risks and analyze portfolios.

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March 09, 2022

Professional financial market analysis for your pocket

Data are important indicators for investors for financial market analysis. Private investors often cannot use expensive data tools. Bavest is changing that - with artificial intelligence and Big Data for investment research.

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Januar 12, 2022

You should know these 10 fintechs from Germany in 2022

They are still young, up-and-coming and want nothing less than to reshape the financial market. These ten fintechs were founded in Germany in 2021. This year, their founders want to take off, launch and improve.

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Februar 14, 2021

Wie zwei Karlsruher Studenten den Börsenmarkt revolutionieren wollen  

Using artificial intelligence, they want to make the stock market accessible to all.

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