Innovative financial solutions for all

Benefit from our infrastructure and build your own products faster and more efficiently.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

With the Bavest API, we handle the analysis of over 50 million data points. Integrate millions of financial data and investment research into your platform. Be steps ahead of your competition.

Realtime financial data
Risk modeling
Automated analyses of securities
Alternative data such as ESG or sentiment data
Quantitative portfolio analysis

Individual data solutions

Whether you are an asset manager, fintech or a bank, we can provide customized solutions for everyone. From classic financial data to alternative data such as sentiment data or ESG data, we can help you equip your products or research with excellent data pools and the latest technologies such as machine learning.

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Customized solutions for all applications

Whether it's a neobroker, FinTech, traditional banking, robo-advisor or media platform, we at Bavest have the right solution for everyone.

Banks & Asset Managers

Bavest enables traditional banks as well as asset managers to offer a modern, professional investment research experience


Whether it's a neobroker, banking app, robo-advisor, Bavest's technology allows you to offer your clients even more innovation and provide investment research through easy integration

Media platform

Enable your clients to conduct in-depth investment research and build out your platform. Consolidate your place in the media world with even more innovative tools.

About us

Our Mission

At Bavest, we want to make financial data and alternative data analysis accessible to everyone using modern technologies like artificial intelligence. In doing so, we also want to provide access to companies so they can build even better products and services.

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