Money moves
with data

An innovative platform for investment research, made for retail investors.

For the private investors who want to be ahead several steps

Large institutional investment firms have always had an edge over retail investors. Bavest evens out the balance of power.


Bavest provides access to institutional-quality investment tools previously available only to professional investors.

Quantitative Analysis

At a time when more data is being generated than ever before, it is important to understand it and draw insights from it. Bavest enables every investor to get real-time data and institutional-quality analytics.


Bavest uses the latest technology standards and revises outdated and overly complex user interfaces of older terminals.

Alternative Data

In an increasingly complex world, alternative data is indispensable for investors. Bavest aggregates & analyzes alternative data, offering investors to analyze even more layers of capital markets.

Your source for financial data & quantitative analysis

Analyze stocks in depth using quantitative analysis, an extensive data set and real-time quotes. Bavest aggregates millions of financial data from the stock markets and gives you access to data of the same quality as Wall Street professionals. You don't have to search for data anymore, in the Bavest platform you have everything in one place.

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Track & analyze all your portfolios in one place

Keep track of multiple portfolios in one place and analyze them for risks, beta factor and much more. With the Bavest Terminal and the simple user interface you have all important metrics and analysis of your portfolios in one place.

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For professional investors and those who want to become one

Powerful software solutions for investment research: analysis of portfolios, stocks, ETFs and much more.

Stock fundamentals with automated analysis & rating
Portfolio Tracking & Analysis
Automated analyses of securities
Real time financial data
Risk modeling
ESG data for stocks with algorithm-based rating

Company Research

Analyze stocks quantitatively and drill down into company metrics. Identify how the company is performing through accurate due diligence.

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ESG Research

Analyze companies from an ESG perspective and look at the ESG metrics analyzed by Bavest. Identify whether an investment is consistent with your values and how to rank ESG risk.

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Powerful charting tools

Perform technical analysis & gain even more insight into capital markets in addition to quantitative analysis of data.

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WallStreet without the walls


historical data

Over 15 years of historical data for over 50,000 securities.


Risiko Scores

More than 50,000 risk assessments can be found at Bavest on financial ratios and ESG criteria.



On the Bavest platform you have access to over 45,000 shares, we will expaand our offer in the future.



You can find all globally tradable ETFs on the Bavest platform & analyze them here.

You can use the Bavest platform via web, desktop but also mobile on the go.