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Use powerful investment research tools on your computer. All complex analyses of millions of data points are performed in the cloud.

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Cloud Power on your computer.

Everything in one platform

With the Bavest Terminal you always have the capital markets in view. Get real-time data in milliseconds, use quantitative analysis, follow news and upcoming IPOs and track your portfolios. All in one platform. With the desktop version, you have even more data at a glance.

Quantitative Analyse

With Bavest Terminal you can perform in-depth quantitative analysis of stocks. Eliminate the need to search for data and sift through annual and quarterly reports. With the latest technology in the background, where we analyze and provide millions of data points for you, you can focus on the essentials.

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Portfolio Tracking & Analysis

Eliminate the need to track your portfolios and then calculate your portfolio metrics. Import & analyze your portfolios in one place, so you can focus on the essentials.

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Mobile App

With the mobile app you can quantitatively analyze the financial markets & track your portfolios on the go.

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