A mobile solution for investment research

Keep track of markets & Portoflios on the go.

Analyze. Anytime. Everywhere.

Fast loading of financial data

Our cloud infrastructure guarantees the availability of real-time data at all times.

User experience of the modern era

Detailed institutional-quality data and analysis in a clear, intuitive interface.

All data in one place

In the Bavest app, you always have company figures, market data and your portfolio in view - no matter where you are.

All portfolios at a glance

CConnect your portfolios with Bavest. Track & analyze all portfolios at a glance and do away with Excel. Use the quantitative analytics of the Bavest platform to analyze securities in your portfolio.

Sharing Excel was yesterday. Now simply share your watchlists.

You want to share your favorites with your friends or acquaintances and create an Excel to share it - it works better. With the Bavest app you can easily share your watchlist with friends or invite other users to have access to your watchlist as well.

Desktop App

With the desktop app you can have even more in view. Download the desktop app or use the Bavest terminal via web.