Powerful charting tools for technical analysis

Perform technical analysis & gain even more insights into capital markets in addition to quantitative analysis of data

Technical analysis done right

Complete fundamental analyses with technical observations and make even better investment decisions. We offer you a variety of indicators for in-depth market engineering.

Technical analysis for your pocket

Follow the latest market developments and perform technical analysis - even on the go, with the Bavest app.

Identify market trends early on

If you recognize a turning formation early, you can enter a new trend at a favorable price. With Bavest you can track and analyze worldwide price developments in real time.

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Discover more powerful tools from Bavest

Company Research

Analyze stocks quantitatively and drill down into company metrics. Perform detailed due diligence to see how the company is performing.

Portfolio Tracking

Securities are often invested in multiple portfolios and with multiple brokers. The portfolio function of Bavest automatically summarizes accounts and positions and gives you a complete overview of key figures and much more.