Challenging tasks, meaningful work


What We Do
for our Team

Attractive Compensation

Our attractive compensation generously rewards our employees for their performance and skills and motivates them to do their best.

Flexible Work

Work wherever you want, whether remotely or in the office. Work at a time that suits your daily rhythm and give 100%.

Equity Program

We want every employee to share in the company's success. Depending on your professional experience and position, we offer various stock programs so that you can be part of the company in the long term.

Personal Development

We make it possible for every colleague to receive personalized training: With a monthly budget, you can invest in podcasts, books, workshops, and much more to make personal progress.

Your Perfect Setup

Whether it's a Mac or a Thinkpad, a monitor and high-end headphones, you get the perfect setup tailored for you so you can have fun and develop your talent to the fullest.


At several team events a year, we come together to get to know each other even better, share successes and experience a lot of personal things: A strong team spirit is what makes success possible in the first place.

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Our Core Values

Customer First
Our customers are our top priority. Whether in product development or in day-to-day business.
We always give 100% and question the status quo. How can we make it even better? That is our guiding principle.
We treat each other with respect and bring out the best in ourselves. As a team, we celebrate our successes together.
We live innovation: We want to use new technologies to create innovations for our customers.