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Bavest combines comprehensive data and analytics that you need for your clients and internal solutions.


Infrastructure for Modern Banks

We help banks give their analysts and developers access to the latest technologies. Increase the productivity output of your employees through our simple API and fully automated processes. Give your clients access to alternative data, such as sentiment, ESG, or climate data.
Data for over 70,000 stocks, ETFs, indices, and more. With alternative data such as ESG, sentiment or climate data, you can access even more data in the research process.
Automate your tasks, whether in the area of research or reporting. Save time on tedious tasks for your teams.
Analyze your portfolios with the push of a button or integrate the Bavest infrastructure into your data pipeline to evaluate data even more efficiently. Visualize relationships and build internal tools on our infrastructure.

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More Insights Through
AI Technology

High-Quality Data for your Data Pipeline

We provide high-quality data for your data scientists and internal infrastructure. This allows you to focus on your data pipeline while we deliver the data in the background. From real-time financial prices and financial data to alternative data such as ESG or sentiment data, we provide you with everything you need.

Develop your own Internal Analytics Tools Based on our Data

Bavest provides you with the data you need for over 70,000 stocks and ETFs. With our portfolio analytics infrastructure, you can focus on developing new features while we deliver your data and analytics.

Financial Data for Training your Artificial Intelligence

An AI is only as good as the training data sets it receives. Use the breadth & depth of our data and build your training data sets on our data and analyses. This saves you time and ensures that your training data is of high quality.

Data for your Innovative Banking App

Benefit from our data and the underlying infrastructure. Build your own products faster and more efficiently while providing your customers with an unparalleled user experience.

ESG & Climate Data for Your Sustainability Department

Integrate our sustainability data for a more transparent look behind the securities in which you and your team invest: What is the impact on biodiversity? How many CO₂ emissions are emitted? What is the sector average for greenhouse gases? What is the carbon footprint of my portfolio and how does this compare to other funds or ETFs? You can easily identify all of these topics using our infrastructure.

ESG & Climate Data
for Sustainability

Sustainable investments are only possible with transparent, trustworthy ESG and climate data in order to be able to invest truly sustainably - Bavest provides this data & analysis.

AI-based Fund Analytics

Our Bavest AI engine enables investment funds to automate lengthy processes and incorporate high-quality data into the research process.

bavest reporting engine

AI-based Automation for your Reports

Our reporting engine allows you to focus fully on your day-to-day business while we create highly professional reports for your wealth management. This engine offers institutional clients, private investors and your sales team the opportunity to gain and use in-depth insights. The spectrum ranges from classic performance metrics and evaluations to the integration of alternative data, which enable an in-depth analysis of your investments in terms of sustainability and ethics.

data solutions

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OUR infrastructure

A Powerful API for your Data Pipeline

At the heart of our infrastructure is our Bavest AI Engine: With this high-performance data technology, millions of data points are processed for various classes of tasks, models are calculated and made accessible via the Bavest API, which seamlessly integrates with your systems. The Bavest API enables efficient use of data through flexible access, meaning that a single-API solution provides you with real-time quotes, financial data and alternative data such as sentiment, ESG & climate data.

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Single API-Solution
Get data and analyses from an API and save yourself the high maintance effort in your backend that you would have with various APIs.
Data-on Demand
Do you need a special data point about a security and would like to receive it automatically via the API? We are in close contact with our customers and also provide additional data when required.
Simple Model
Only pay for what you really need. No complicated license contracts and transparent pricing.

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