Infrastructure for Media Companies

Use our data and analytics to enhance your own content. Inspire your readers with customized and data-based content and a first-class user experience.


Infrastructure & Data in one API

Use our highly flexible one-single-API solution and avoid the use & complicated maintenance of multiple APIs. Concentrate on your editorial content while we deliver data and analytics in the background.
Use our highly flexible one-single API solution and do without Integrate real-time data for over 70,000 stocks, ETFs, indices and other assets. Access financial data, fundamental data, charts, revenue breakdowns and much more.
Alternative Data
With alternative data such as ESG, sentiment or climate data, you can make your media company unique - ensure even more transparency and complexity.
We provide the infrastructure for analyzing your content and supply tools such as screeners. This allows you to concentrate on your content while we provide data and analytics in the background.

USE Cases

Make Your Media Platform Unique

Integrate Real-time Charts in Your Media Platform

In addition to your articles and analytics, offer real-time charts so that your users can get even more information from you.

Enrich Your Articles with Data & Interactive Graphics

Analyze the global economy, stocks, and funds and display additional data for your articles to improve the user experience and make it unique. Underline and substantiate your research using data and graphics.

Integrate Financial Data in your Media Platform

Enhance your applications and articles with our data, enable your users to access financial data in addition to your articles and news and expand your offering.

Make Your Analytics Unique with Alternative Data

Everyone can do classic financial KPIs. But how do funds differ in terms of their sustainability? How many CO₂ emissions do the companies in which the fund has invested emit? What impact do funds have on the climate? How do the funds compare? Give your editorial team insights and offer your reader's analytics that have never been possible before.

Our process

Cutting-edge Technologies for Every Media Company

step 1

Data Collection and Preprocessing

First, we collect comprehensive data from various sources: financial data, news, social media opinions, climate data, investor relations reports and much more. We then sort the data and prepare it for our Bavest AI Engine.

step 2

Analysis in the Bavest AI Engine

After the data has been collected and prepared, it is automatically processed and analyzed using AI. From sentiment data to sustainability indicators, structured data is generated. Our Bavest AI engine recognizes important information in reports and can also extract it automatically. The data is then stored in our database.

step 3

Data Transfer & Analytics via the Bavest API

Once the data has been processed and analyzed, it can be accessed via the Bavest API. Portfolios can also be sent to our API, which then evaluate them fully automatically. Our servers are located in Germany. We use various standards to protect our and your data.

OUR infrastructure

A Powerful API for Various Applications

At the heart of our infrastructure is our Bavest AI Engine: With this high-performance data technology, millions of data points are processed for various classes of tasks, models are calculated and made accessible via the Bavest API, which seamlessly integrates with your systems. The Bavest API enables efficient use of data through flexible access, meaning that a single-API solution provides you with real-time quotes, financial data and alternative data such as sentiment, ESG & climate data.


Performance & Scaling are our DNA

Real-time Architecture
With us, you can develop a stable and strong product. Our API is built on a strong real-time architecture.
Our infrastructure enables you to scale. Our advanced technology ensures that you can easily scale your applications at any time.
Modern Architecture
Our modern architecture with the Bavest AI Engine enables our customers today to be tomorrow's leading companies.

Why us

A Strong Technology Partner at
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Single API-Solution
Get data and analyses from an API and save yourself the high maintance effort in your backend that you would have with various APIs.
Data-on Demand
Do you need a special data point about a security and would like to receive it automatically via the API? We are in close contact with our customers and also provide additional data when required.
Simple Model
Only pay for what you really need. No complicated license contracts and transparent pricing.

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