ESG & climate solutions

Sustainable Impact. Made Possible by Data.

Use your time to analyze instead of collecting ESG and climate data. Rely on hard facts and look at sources - make decisions transparently and based on data.


Sustainable Investing based on High-Quality Data

Our infrastructure provides you with ESG and climate data as well as other data such as PAI indicators. Measure the relationship between your investments and sustainability. Rely on clear data and facts to bridge the gap between finance and sustainability and shape a better, greener future for everyone.
Sustainability Criteria
Identify companies based on sustainability criteria. Adjust your investment theses and use our data to create filters.
Carbon Footprint
Wir analysieren Treibhausgas-Emissionen von Ihrem Portfolio und liefern CO2 Scope 1, 2 und Scope 3 Daten für Large-, Mid- und Small-caps für über 70.000 Aktien weltweit.
Using various data sources, we analyse the impact of listed companies on the environment, people, plants and animals.
Climate Data
We supply historical CO2 Data from 211 countries, greenhouse gas emissions data for sectors and further ESG & climate data.
SRI Data & Analytics
Identify whether potential or existing investments are ethical and whether companies agree with your investment thesis.
ESG Scores
Our AI analyses non-financial reports, news and more in real-time and thus provides ESG score for your research.
1.5 Degree Alignment
Bavest's AI Engine analyses the presented business scenarios in detail, which describe the path to achieving the 1.5-degree target.
Energy & Water Usage
We determine the energy & water consumption of companies. Recognize how sustainable the company really is.
We prepare sustainability reports for your fund and for your internal analyses. Avoid lengthy research and rely on Bavest's infrastructure.

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

Investment Process under SFDR

The SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, in particular Articles 8 and 9) has raised awareness of the potential risks associated with greenwashing. To comply with the SFDR, asset managers need reliable and accurate data. Bavest offers the necessary support by providing carbon footprint data, climate data as well as ESG data. Our specialty is that we also provide data for small-caps and mid-caps.

1.5 degree alignment

Identify the Impact of your Investments on Global Warming

Companies that set specific targets to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius show a strong commitment to climate protection. Bavest provides exactly this data so that you can better understand the impact of your current and future investments on the climate.

bavest reporting engine

AI-based Automation for your Reporting

Our reporting engine allows you to focus fully on your day-to-day business while we create highly professional reports for your wealth management. This engine offers institutional clients, private investors and your sales team the opportunity to gain and use well-founded insights. The spectrum ranges from classic performance metrics and evaluations to the integration of alternative data that enables an in-depth analysis of your investments in terms of sustainability and ethics.


Performance & Scaling are our DNA

Real-time Architecture
With us, you can develop a stable and strong product. Our API is built on a strong real-time architecture.
Our infrastructure enables you to scale. Our advanced technology ensures that you can easily scale your applications at any time.
Modern Architecture
Our modern architecture with the Bavest AI Engine enables our customers today to be tomorrow's leading companies.

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Single API-Solution
Get data and analytics from an API and save yourself the high maintenance effort in your backend that you would have with various APIs.
Data-on Demand
Do you need a special data point about a security and would like to receive it automatically via the API? We are in close contact with our customers and also provide additional data when required.
Simple Model
Only pay for what you really need. No complicated license contracts and transparent pricing.

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