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Welcome to the Bavest API Developer Hub. Here you have access to all important resources that you need as a developer. This should make it as easy as possible to get started using the Bavest API.


Resources for Developers

API Dokumentation
The API documentation with code snippets for all endpoints.
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AWS Kinesis
Stream data in real time using AWS Kinesis & scale quickly & effortlessly.
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Create a two-way connection between the API & your application.
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Status Page
Get information on the status of the Bavest API and stay up to date.
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Our Open-Source Solutions

Python SDK
The official Python SDK from Bavest, for getting started with Python.
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Dart SDK
The official Dart SDK from Bavest, for getting started with Dart & Flutter.
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Our in-house developed open-source LLM based on our data & analyses.
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Request an API Key Now

Talk to us and learn more about the different ways you can use the Bavest API. Request an API key to test Bavest data and infrastructure now.

GSheet plugin

Use the Bavest API in Google Cloud or Excel

Access our data and infrastructure via Excel or gSheet and avoid software & data engineering. Build your own dashboards and internal tools for your research.

Why us

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Single API-Solution
Get data and analyses from an API and save yourself the high maintance effort in your backend that you would have with various APIs.
Data-on Demand
Do you need a special data point about a security and would like to receive it automatically via the API? We are in close contact with our customers and also provide additional data when required.
Simple Model
Only pay for what you really need. No complicated license contracts and transparent pricing.


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