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At Bavest, we love developers and open source projects. We want to support open source projects with our infrastructure & data.

Open source

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Access our data and infrastructure via Excel or gSheet and avoid software & data engineering. Build your own dashboards and internal tools for your research.


Our Open-Source Solutions

Python SDK
The official Python SDK from Bavest, for getting started with Python.
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Dart SDK
The official Dart SDK from Bavest, for getting started with Dart & Flutter.
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Our in-house developed open-source LLM based on our data & analyses.
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Performance & Scaling are our DNA

Real-time Architecture
With us, you can develop a stable and strong product. Our API is built on a strong real-time architecture.
Our infrastructure enables you to scale. Our advanced technology ensures that you can easily scale your applications at any time.
Modern Architecture
Our modern architecture with the Bavest AI Engine enables our customers today to be tomorrow's leading companies.