January 1, 2024

Crowwd - The Social Network for Investors

Case Studies

In this case study, we will show you how Crowwd creates a social network for private and professional investors based on our financial data and alternative data.

Crowwd's challenges

For the fintech Crowwd, it was not only important to ensure high coverage of financial data for its users, but also to have low latency regarding the data. It was also an important point for Crowwd to provide real-time financial data. The outgoing point for the collaboration was also that Bavest offers a single-API solution — an API, programming language-agnostic, that not only provides real-time financial data, but also a wide range of data and portfolio analytics.

Bavest's solutions for Crowwd

Our partnership with Crowwd is based on the clear vision of this fintech company, which we support with our advanced AI-based infrastructure. We enable an efficient and data-driven platform that is revolutionizing the financial sector. Our solutions not only provide seamless data processing, but also advanced analytics to help Crowwd make informed decisions.

By providing Crowwd with the entire data and analytics infrastructure, we enable the company to focus on the user interface and expanding the platform with innovative features. This strategic division allows Crowwd to focus on its core competencies while ensuring that data processing and analysis run seamlessly in the background. This partnership not only strengthens Crowwd's efficiency but also paves the way for future growth and continuous improvement of the financial services that the company provides to its customers.

What Bavest has to offer Fintechs

“Data is the new oil” — this can also be observed in the financial world. From classic financial data to alternative data such as ESG and climate data or sentiment data — all of this data is the engine of the digital, sustainable financial world. Bavest provides exactly that via a single interface for asset managers, banks and fintechs. For fintechs in particular, a width of data is very important - thanks to our single API solution, fintechs have no additional costs in development - an API enables more efficiency, speed and clean code in their own system.

1. Data

With Bavest, you can integrate real-time data for over 70,000 stocks, ETFs, indices and other assets. Fintechs access financial data, fundamentals, charts, revenue breakdowns, and more to make your product even better.

2. Alternative data

With alternative data such as ESG, sentiment or climate data, you can make your fintech even more transparent and complex. In this way, you can offer your users even more tools and data and increase the added value of your products.

3. Analytics

We provide the infrastructure for portfolio analysis for your users and provide tools such as screeners. This allows you to focus on new features and your UX while we deliver data and analysis in the background.

Use real-time prices & alternative data now with the Bavest API

For those who want to harness the transformative power of financial data, the journey starts here. Whether you belong to an asset manager, a fintech company, or an innovative bank, integrating our data offers a path to greater success. Contact us and get a demo!


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